Forget January – September’s where it’s at!

Bit odd? Well, for me September brings the start of a new year working with young writers, at Didcot Girls’ and elsewhere. And I get excited about the new students that I’ll meet. The new writing that they’ll make. The new ground that we’ll ‘break’ together, on our mentoring journey. My head also gets busyContinue reading “Forget January – September’s where it’s at!”

#LetsDoThisKids 12: Destination X

All good things come to an end. But as I told my brilliant young writers at Didcot Girls, this is not the end of their writing journey, it’s just the start. Last week we met for our last mentoring session and we were ending on a high, with our really inspiring launch event still freshContinue reading “#LetsDoThisKids 12: Destination X”

#LetsDoThisKids 11: Proof

I can’t believe I’m nearly at the end of my 20 week mentoring journey with the wonderful young writers at Didcot Girls’ School! But it ain’t over till it’s over, and today’s session may be one of our best …why? …because today the writers will hold in their hands and feast their eyes on theirContinue reading “#LetsDoThisKids 11: Proof”

#LetsDoThisKids 10 – What’s in a Name?

I’ve spent the last few weeks with my Editor hat firmly on, as I’ve been close reading all the poems that my Young Writers have been submitting for our first Anthology. Eeek. How EXCITING! It’s been a delight experiencing their work, which is fresh, multi-faceted and original. I’m very much looking forward to presenting ourContinue reading “#LetsDoThisKids 10 – What’s in a Name?”

#LetsDoThisKids 9 – Deadlines. Well, yes. Except that our lines LIVE.

Having to use the word ‘deadline’ at Mentoring this week did inevitably provoke some groans. Some ‘oh nos.’ But being a writer (published or unpublished) inevitably involves creating and finishing work in a certain time-frame. Even if it’s a wide one! My mentees are experiencing what in the world of I.T. they call ‘the fullContinue reading “#LetsDoThisKids 9 – Deadlines. Well, yes. Except that our lines LIVE.”

#LetsDoThisKids 7 – Where?

Over the last couple of weeks in mentoring, we’ve been taking a few walks. Getting out there. Having a look around. And writing it all down, sticking to our mantra: #nofilter. We absolutely loved listening to Sinead Morrissey reading Frank O’Hara‘s 1960’s poem ‘A Step Away from Them’ (you can read the poem on theContinue reading “#LetsDoThisKids 7 – Where?”

World Book Day – lyrics, composition AND poetry slaying

As an aside to all the fabulous stuff my Didcot Girls’ writing mentees are doing, as Patron of Writing I was also thrilled to be involved in the FIRST EVER DGS song, lyric and poetry competition, which took place on World Book Day last week. (Thanks go to the gorgeous author Jo Cotterill, DGS PatronContinue reading “World Book Day – lyrics, composition AND poetry slaying”

We’re in this together #LetsDoThisKids 5 White antlers…Inside of brain…Twiggy…Wild hair…Ummm …

What ARE the DGS writers going on about? Reindeer moss. And why? Quite simply, they were engaging on an observation exercise: I showed them a close-up image of said very small plant and they had to write what they saw. Remembering the mantra: #Nofilter What is brilliant about these responses is that they are divergingContinue reading “We’re in this together #LetsDoThisKids 5 White antlers…Inside of brain…Twiggy…Wild hair…Ummm …”