World Book Day – lyrics, composition AND poetry slaying


As an aside to all the fabulous stuff my Didcot Girls’ writing mentees are doing, as Patron of Writing I was also thrilled to be involved in the FIRST EVER DGS song, lyric and poetry competition, which took place on World Book Day last week.

(Thanks go to the gorgeous author Jo Cotterill, DGS Patron of Reading; Sean Dingley, Head of Music and Leoni Barnes, DGS Librarian, for all their input on this brilliant project, some pics here .)

Read about how it all went on performance day here.

There were some simply stunning performances and I was deeply impressed by the young writer/musicians collaborations, as well as their ability to express the plights and emotions of their chosen characters.

The only slight downside is that I have the unenviable task of selecting some winners! …


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