About me

IMG_0613I’m a poet and creative educator. I believe in the power of words and in sharing that power with others.

I have a background in teaching and have taught in a wide spectrum of settings, from hidden gem community centres to bursting-at-the-seams secondary schools.

My interest in language and culture led me to study literature, linguistics and sociology at undergraduate level, as well as creative writing, and I have an MA in Writing Poetry from The Poetry School/Newcastle University.

I was a Mslexia Poetry 2017 finalist and have been published in a wide range of literary & indie poetry magazines (see reviews & publication).

I’m Poet-in-Residence at Vale & Downland Museum 2019 and Patron of Writing at Didcot Girls’ School  . I run a poetry evening course for adults and do 1-to-1 mentoring and editorial work with individual poets. I’m a member of The Society of Authors and I live in Oxfordshire.

*Find details of my latest poetry course here*

About my poetry

Jacob Polley (2016 T.S. Eliot Prize-winner) has said that I work with a ‘potent mixture of self-awareness, the subconscious and artistic discrimination.’

Glyn Maxwell (shortlisted for Forward Poetry Prize & T.S. Eliot Prize) calls my writing ‘sure-footed and distinct.’

‘Elaine is a wonderful poet with hawk eye precision and feline play with words’ – Roy Mcfarlane (poet, playwright and writer).



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“I Give You Permission” – latest update from my Young Writers’ Mentoring at Didcot Girls’ School

Within 3 minutes of settling down they are writing. 2 minutes later, I have a plethora of raised hands to choose from – all keen to share aloud the words they’ve just written. An observer would be impressed. And that’s just the warm up. At this halfway stage (week 10) in the mentoring programme, looking … Continue reading “I Give You Permission” – latest update from my Young Writers’ Mentoring at Didcot Girls’ School

‘Empowerment’ – by our Poets Laureate

  (Photo by Chelsi Peter from Pexels) I’m proud to be able to publish today the Didcot Girls’ Poets Laureate new commissioned poems. Nina, Kat and I met 6 weeks or so ago to look over their final drafts of these recent poems. Out lunchtime sessions are brief but wonderfully rich times when we chat about many things, … Continue reading ‘Empowerment’ – by our Poets Laureate

The Universe and Us

(Photo by icon0.com from Pexels) What is it to be free? What does it look like, for you? This week with my young writers, we had freedom in mind. We talked about personal freedoms. We discussed free verse and poetic form. We read a poem that’s overflowing with freedom in its use of language, music and powerful self-expression. … Continue reading The Universe and Us

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