Introducing [drum-roll]… our Poet Laureates

So today and tomorrow, I’ll be showcasing the latest work by the incredibly talented young poets, who earned the title ‘Poet Laureate’ earlier this year, in their schools.

It’s a genuine privilege to be able to work closely with these writers, as part of my role as Patron of Writing at Didcot Girls’ School and Saint Birinus School.

Starting today with DGS, here are our two young poets: Keira Mason (left, year 8) and Iris Rogers (year 11).

Keira and Iris, the DGS Poet Laureates for 2019-20

I meet Keira and Iris every term (six times over the course of the school year), to work with them on refining their work, to give them their new poetry commission and to coach them in rehearsing prior to their poetry performances. In between these face-to-face meetings, we keep in contact by e-mail, and I send them feedback on their early drafts, as well as hand-selected poems that I think will inspire and challenge them.

I’m delighted to share their latest pieces with you! These were written in response to the commission ‘Risk Taking’ and the young Laureates have performed these in front of year group audiences, at Didcot Girls’ School (which is another impressive achievement).




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