A Platform for Poets: meet the Poet Laureates!

Jake McGhee, (year 10, left) & Walter Andrews-Ajawin (year 8)

Following on from yesterday’s post about the stunning poetry being written at Didcot Girls’ School by their two young Poet Laureates, I’m chuffed to tell you that, this school year, St Birinus School has two official poets of their own to shout about! 

At the risk of sounding like a cracked record,  I’m very much enjoying mentoring these two impressive poets! They constantly surprise me by the depth and maturity of their subject choices and craftsmanship. It’s a lot of fun sitting down together and talking poetics and performance! 

Please take a look at their latest work, which they’ll be performing in front of packed audiences of staff and students at St Birinus School. 


‘Not a Soul’ by Jake McGhee
‘The Classroom Quarry’ by Walter Andrew-Ajawin

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