Where my heart lies in the darkness of my safe space: the poetry workshops continue…

‘Safe Spaces’ – Image by Lara, year 9

I’m now 8 hours and 180 students in to my poetry workshops at Didcot Girls’ School, with year 9. It’s been brilliant, and there’s still more to come.

There has been a vast amount of creativity, imagination and powerful writing in all the sessions. I’ve been lucky enough to work with all groups across the prior attainment spectrum. The young writers are all phenomenal.

As well as writing, we’ve had rich discussions about poetic form, where poems come from and how we might start to write them.

This blog post is a micro showcase of some of their writing. All these drafts were written playfully and experimentally, in under 15 minutes, in response to reading Mary Jean Chan’s ‘Safe Space’ sequenced poems, from her latest collection, ‘Fleche.’


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