National Poetry Day 2019

With my Didcot Girls’ School Patron of Writing hat on, I had a lot of fun planning a poetry takeover for National Poetry Day. The students explored the life and words of environmental activist, Greta Thunberg, and wrote poems inspired by her, around the theme of climate change.

Please enjoy these poems, created by year 9 student, Paulina Sieczka, during the takeover session (with huge thanks to Paulina, for letting me share them!)

2 Poems after David Attenborough

By Paulina Sieczka

The day must be short,

they must be happy.

The eagle saw darkness

in the man-made chamber.

A huge burning fire

staring at each other like you and I.

Climb Mount Everest

O goat.

But quickly, quickly,

before it all melts.


I asked David, where to put my mittens?

‘Put them in the bin,’ he said,

‘our world is one big sin.’

I asked dear David, how long do I have left?

He replied, said,

‘Not long darling, respect it:

respect the trees, respect the sea.’

I asked my man David, how can I help?

He said, ‘all that’s left is for our prayers

to be heard.’

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