Can’t wait to introduce you…

…to the fabulous two young writers who have been selected as Poet Laureate at Didcot Girls’ School, for 2020-21! I get the opportunity to mentor them this year and I’m pretty happy about that.

I reckon the best way for you to start to get to know them, is to hear what they have to say, through their very first poems. So here they are.

Writing is such a vital tool for so many of us, to express where we are in place and time, what we’re dreaming of and what we’re believing in. In these first poems from Larika and Myfanwy, we can feel the impact of history, social pressure, the current global pandemic and the ripples from Black Lives Matter.

Watch our DGS Poet Laureates reading their new poems, here:

Read their full poems, here:

© Myfanwy Laugharne, 2020
© Larika Jones, 2020

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