Poetry, lockdown & hair

Since September, I’ve been delivering poetry workshops to year 9 students at Didcot Girls’ School. (I get this joy because I’m lucky enough to be the school’s Patron of Writing. And I genuinely love it.)

A lot has been going on, in the first 8 weeks or with the embellishment of hand gel, face masks and the classroom line on the floor – ‘DO NOT CROSS!’ More recently, with the added complications of having my face displayed live on the classroom whiteboard, with my voice guiding the students in their imaginative writing via a remote mic and webcam.

I am learning and we are adapting, very successfully. I miss the buzz of the more natural classroom interactions but, when writing like this pops up in my email inbox straight after my sessions, I still get a glow of creative satisfaction and pride in these talented young writers.

Here’s a brief taste – thanks to Amy, year 9, for allowing me to share.

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