Let’s fly!

Welcome to the last Poet Laureate poem of the school year:

‘Fly’ by Larika Jones (year 8)

DGS Poet Laureate, Larika Jones

It’s a fitting title, as time has completely flown and I sometimes wonder what the impact of our restricted living, due to the series of lockdowns here in the UK, has had on our personal perceptions of time?

Whatever the impact, I do know that THIS moment in time should be one to celebrate the writing and creativity of the Poet Laureates, both at Didcot Girls’ School and at St Birinus, who I’ve been able to mentor this year, remotely. They’ve thrived on making time and space to nurture their own writing and have finished the year with confidence, along with a bunch of essential organisational, writing and editing skills, that they didn’t have before.

As always, my aim in mentoring young writers is that they keep writing, now and into the future, and sharing that writing. We need them, more than ever!

Please read/watch/share Larika’s poem! It’s available on YouTube, now!

Published by Elaine Baker


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