*New poem* from the DGS Upper School Poet Laureate

One of the best bits of my role as Patron of Writing, is to publish new work by the young writers I have the privilege of mentoring.

Today, I get to share the latest work from talented year 11 student, Iris Rogers. This is my third year working with Iris and it’s been amazing to watch her development and to support her on her writing journey.

Congratulations, Iris!

Published by Elaine Baker


2 thoughts on “*New poem* from the DGS Upper School Poet Laureate

  1. Hi Elaine How are you? Always happy to zoom if you want to rehearse any poems. Maybe we could help each other and direct each other… perform a bit. All my love Esme Bates BA Hons Drama Education RCSSD

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    1. Hi Esme, I’m doing ok thank you! Hope you’re keeping ok too? That’s super nice, thank you, I just seem to be permanently ridiculously busy, juggling a lot of things. Lockdown doesn’t seem to have changed that unfortunately! I hope you’re keeping going with the writing though? – All best wishes, Elaine

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